Move all NC's toxic coal ash lagoons away from waterways

In the shadow of the February spill that sent over 30,000 tons of toxic coal ash into North Carolina's Dan River, the state legislature has recently been debating new rules regarding this toxic sludge leftover from burning coal. There are 14 Duke Energy coal ash sites in North Carolina with more than 30 coal ash ponds, and all of them sit dangerously close to precious waterways.

Senate Bill 729 was introduced into the state legislature and while some legislators are sincerely hoping to fix NC's problem, this bill falls short. Senate Bill 729 would allow leaving much of NC's coal ash in place and require the removal of coal ash from just 4 of the state’s 14 coal ash sites (Riverbend, Asheville, Dan River and Sutton coal plants). S729 would also allow Duke Energy to leave some of the coal ash in place in unlined pits that are currently leaking. This is unacceptable!

Enter your information below and tell your legislators that you want to see ALL of North Carolina's toxic coal ash ponds moved away from waterways.

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