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Support Clean Energy in NC

Sign the petition to oppose any efforts by NC’s legislature that would restrict or hinder the growth renewable energy sources in NC.

Oppose the garbage juice bill

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Tell your state legislator to sustain the Governor's veto of H576. If the bill passes, it will allow the spraying of toxic landfill wastewater into the air, placing downwind communities and neighbo


Fund plans for GenX contamination response

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DEQ and DHHS have asked the state legislature to provide funding so that they can adequately monitor GenX contamination in the Cape Fear River. Tell your state legislators it's critical they bring


Speak Out for Safer Products

Tell Harris Teeter and Kroger they must eliminate toxic chemicals from their shelves.

Protect North Carolina's water

Tell NC legislators to fund North Carolina’s environmental and health agencies to combat chemical dumping and other threats to our waters.

Tell the EPA: Ban Three Toxic Chemicals

Despite broad public support calling for a ban on three toxic chemicals, Trump's EPA still hasn't finalized any of the rules that would regulate them.